Stepping onto the path of Japanese martial arts is an enormous undertaking, especially if you come from the Western hemisphere. The way of budo is never-ending, it is a way of life that requires constant practicing and it rewards us with indescribable wonders for the energy invested.

Within budo, my website would like to address those, who are devoted to the Japanese sword. I would like to share with you materials that are only available in Japan, translated for the first time directly from the original source, thus bringing you closer to the essence of kendo. Japanese samurais followed the path of bun bu rjódó, which is a way of martial arts, and of literature as well. Besides constant practice, it is also important for us to get acquainted with the ideas and history of kendo, and that we share our experiences, helping each other on the path. I spent quite some time in Japan during the last ten years, and every day I was eager to gain more and more insights into their amazing culture and way of thinking – mainly through kendo. I received enormous amounts of help, support from my family, my Japanese and Hungarian masters, friends, fellow clubmembers. I consider myself lucky to be able to devote most of my life to kendo. It is time for me now to share some of my experiences with you. This website has been created as part of this mission, and I recommend it with love!