What is Heihō Magazine?

I would like to recommend a new periodical for those who are fascinated by the world of Kendō.

If you are devoted to Japanese swordsmanship, this monthly online Magazine might be just you have been waiting for!

You must be well aware of the enormous gap between Japanese kendo and kendo practised elsewhere in the world. 

All trough the years I spent in Japan as disciple of respected, high-rank masters, I was training, practising and studying in order to understand the underlying causes behind this gap, and how to change them. Now, I would like to share with you what I have learnt and experienced, in the framework of a new online publication, Heiho Magazine! 

It has been more than half a year since Heiho Magazine was launched. It has been formed and changed a lot in the past couple of months – however, the enthusiasm remained the same. I believe that Heiho Magazine’s specialty is its personal tone that enlivens the world of kendo. I was able to bring you the most unique interviews thanks to my personal connections.

Moreover, you get access to information that you only would be able to acquire if you had lived in Japan for years.
Maybe this fact compensates for its length. It is a little short, only about 20-25 pages. However, I try make up for it by filling it up with meaningful and key information.

In the past couple of months numerous free samples were launched as “appetizers”. You can get access to these free samples both on this website and via email.

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