Read me! (^O^)

Dear Teenagers,

Recently, I’ve been thinking what it was like to do kendo in Hungary as a kid or when I was in high school. I remember spending most of my days in front of the mirror and looking at videos of myself doing kendo, which were recorded by my parents, and I remember how I was trying to correct my mistakes. I also remember gazing at the sky as I was walking on my way to school, and daydreaming, that one day I will be flying up there on an airplane towards Japan.

Believe me, if you are disciplined and persistent, it won’t take long to get your reward. Each step on the way is a challenge; by overcoming each one, new doors open in front of you. The first training in armor, the first competition, the first fight with a master, the first training as a member of the national team, the first trip to Japan… none of these things are impossible to achieve, all you have to do is truly want.

It took a great amount of time and energy to learn Japanese (I started learning it at the age of 13). Getting familiar with the Japanese way of kendo life and the most famous kendo schools and institutions also took a lot of effort. I’d like to share with you all this knowledge I’ve gained on this website.

If you have any issues or questions in connection with kendo, feel free to send me an e-mail or text me on Facebook. I will try my best to answer everything! J

In the following menu you can get a brief insight into the lives and trainings of famous Japanese high school students. Enjoy!